Human/Digimon sexual intercourse.
How do you have sex with your Digimon? Do you have a fetish, do you use toys, etc? If you like, post me a custom pic of you pleasuring your Digimon. I would love to see all points of view here.
I do some times in dreams. When I wake up after that...Well....Let's just say something wet was in between the lower regions...E-heeheeheehee..
*puts on labcoat and pushes up glasses for fake professor mode*
well as you can see here it's a lot like normal human/human intercourse
depending on the digimon

most females have the same organs as human females seen here on the humanoid digimon such as angewomon, lilymon, ladydevimon, sakuyamon, fairymon, ranamon etc.
while some have these yet they are hidden by a dense hair covering seeing as they do not wear clothes like on the popular digimon renamon.

while males have the same as human males as seen with the various humanoid digimon angemon, devimon, beelezemon etc.
but those with no clothes have a pouch for the parts they need.

now during the act various species may exibit differnet traits like the supposed tempature changes of the agumon/gabumon species or the odd traits of females to have different "tastes" as it were.

now while breast size may not grow to huger then normal proportions with females length in males can get larger then normal in males

*pulls off lab coat*
and that's what you get whne you piece together things from various lemons it's all subjective and shows I probally think these things out too much
I didn't even get to the use of tails now I need to get some sleep soon because I'm thinking too much
I don't think it's possible. Any living creature i've ever seen obliged by rules of proportion when it came to stuff like that- Gatomon's pussy hole is probably just large that than a normal cat's. To her a big dick is probably about the side of your thumb. Which ties in to my theory of digimon dicks being smaller than what most people read about. For instance, instead of Gomamon being seven inches long, would be about... maybe one and a half. Maybe two if you're generous. And i'm willing to be generous. Anyway, people tend to tell me that if I don't follow natural laws like the fact that the animals-esque creatures are talking and fucking, why bother with something like general anatomy?

I don't know. Just seems like common sense to me. And yet I give some of them pubes.

Anyway, a human dick would burst most poor digimon wide open. Kind of like you (or any other normal human girl) getting fucked by an elephant.

As for Renamon? She's as tall as an 11 year old. If you could fit in an 11 year old, you can fit in Renamon. But even though you'd be fucking Renamon, i'd be pitying you B}
and that's what you get if you actually think this out not just pull from different lemons like I did and it sounds kinda smart because of it
Um... Renamons is a bit larger then an eleven year old.
Renamon is larger then Ruki.
At the beggining of the season, Ruki was 10, and renamon was larger/taller then Ruki, and stayed larger/taller.
but she was 10 so that may be a problem and I think he means in proportion she would as big as an 11 year old in that area (which oddly enough might be fine for male cast heh heh)
If you all want the objective (though not official) scoop on what Digimon are actually like sexually, just hold on. I've gone from writing pure fiction to writing speculative essays (probably just a phase), and one of the first ones I intend to publish concerns the relationships and sexuality (along with the related portion of their biology) of Digimon. I can provide an excerpt here concerning gender ratios and the general sexual tendencies of Digimon, but not much beyond that...

Jou Kido Wrote:Also valuable for the pursuit of knowledge is that the higher the 'level' of a Digimon, the more likely it is to have a 'fixed' gender related solely to its form. While Child and Adult level Digimon often have a seven to three (7:3) or one to one (1:1) ratio of males to female (or vice versa), Complete level Digimon tend to be more largely locked into four to one (4:1), five to one (5:1), or even one to zero (1:0) ratios of male to female or vice versa. Andromon and Angewomon are good examples of the last, as there is no such thing as a female Andromon, just as there are no male Angewomon. Of course, a small few lower level Digimon, such as Lucemon and Angemon, also have fixed genders. At the final level, be it the sixth or higher, Digimon are almost exclusively in nine to one (9:1), ten to one (10:1), or one to zero (1:0) gender ratios.


Approximately 85% of all Digimon are bisexual, 10% are strictly heterosexual, and 5% are strictly homosexual. Of those who are bisexual, half prefer homosexual relations, saying that they are "more fun" to engage in. Half of the remnant prefer heterosexual relationships, many saying that they full more natural to them. The remaining bisexual Digimon either said they had nevr thought of which they might prefer, or just liked having sex with anyone they wanted, truly showing no preference to either gender.

As far as the actual question of proportion, I believe that while many Digimon/HUman relations in the real world would be difficult due to matters of proportion, in the Digital World they could be easily done. While this does not mean it will be common, it will be possible to have sex with any Digimon, within the Digital World. Yeah, even Juri and Leomon (who, in an unfinished story, I have portrayed with a dick way too large for her), or Leomon and Gatomon. Note that anything that is proportionally impossible would probably be so in the real world, even between two Digimon.
wow that's an interesting read but it is really odd so how'd you get those figures
He made them up.