Amazon Quartet hentai?
#1 must know of the memorable, entertaining, comical, and downright kawaii Amazon Quartet of the Sailor Moon series. Some of my favorite anime characters of all time! PallaPalla, JunJun, CeresCeres, and VesVes (Pronounced BesuBesu of all things)! I feel that they are vastly underrated. It's hard to find such cute and perky villianesses these days. ^^

Anywho, if anyone knows of any hentai with them, let me know. In fact, not just hentai...just anything with them involved. Fanfics (Lemon or not), cool pics, shrines and sites dedicated to them, etc.
I seen one pic but it was kinda bad and it was at before they went down and then went back up and they haven't got the pics back up yet sorry
*sighhhh* BTW, any chance I can get a lesbienne sex scene with Para Para and/or Ves-Ves?

We could use some Amazon Quartet sex scenes here.
Princess Jeannette Wrote:*sighhhh* BTW, any chance I can get a lesbienne sex scene with Para Para and/or Ves-Ves?

We could use some Amazon Quartet sex scenes here.

It's like we're being deprived. Now it's worse...since I have that nice image burned into my head. :( :oops:

The most that I ever see is a lemon...and those are rare and very short. I might have to write one myself. >> >< << I've never done yuri...and I'm not a particular fan of yuri...but hey...I should broaden my horizons. An Amazon fourway could do that to a person.
...let's make some Amazon Quartet hentai ourselves!
Princess Jeannette Wrote:...let's make some Amazon Quartet hentai ourselves!

Damn straight, my amazon-loving sister. I am totally gonna write a fic now...eventually. I have other projects too, you know. ^^;;;

But...I will get around to it! And...I will continue to prowl about random hentai and lemon sites searching for them!
...let me give you a few ideas for your Amazon Quartet lesbienne fan fiction (and art, if you need some.)

1. Besu-Besu's Bosom Bonking Lesbo Belly Dance Party

Besu-Besu and I go to a all lesbo belly dance party. She develops strong feelings for me, too. She even makes out topless with me in the club. I show off some passionate spicy nudie belly dance moves for her, and masturbate in front of her to get her wet.

2. Para-Para, Ball Games and Ballet Dancing, Oh My!

Para Para wants to bed with me, but first, I gotta teach her ballet. (Long sleeved skimpy blue leotard for Para-Para, hmmm? And blue toe shoes.)

PS. I wonder if Para and I will get a playful bathtub sex scene, too? I hope Para-Para's a good kisser.

3. Cerle-Cerle and Jeannette In: Erotic Aromatherapy And Sakura Scented Sexual Lust!

One night, while Trista's away, my loneliness is relieved by a certain pink haired young woman in Amazoness dress giving me an erotic massage on the bed, and nice strokes on my boobs. Is Cerle-Cerle cumming (!) on to me? Should I have sex with her? And what massage oil should I use to make her cream herself blissfully?

PS. How about some nipple gel as a plot device?