Huuuuuge computer problems
Hello everyone, it's me, urban dream. I know some people from the board are going to contact me tonight or sometime real soon at least, so I just wanted to let everyone know that I may not be online throughout the next few days. See, I discovered a virus on my computer, and trying to remove it I managed to bugger the damn thing up completely. Now hardly ANY of my important software is working >_< I've tried everything, and I've decided that a good ol' reformat is the only way to fix this, and naturally, that'll take some time. I just hope it's going to work at all... Well, if you don't see me again this week, you'll know it won't have. Just thought you -- or at least some of you -- might want to know. Thanks.

Ah well, here I go, and here goes nothing. *starts formatting harddisk* *fades out*
Well, good luck, man.
alright, thanks you informed us man, and hope you have luck with it.

As long you return, coz we need you ^^
Thanks guys! Well, it took me a while to figure out how to reformat the goddam computer (in the end I had to downgrade to Windows 98 to do it, and finding a working 98 startup disk was pretty difficult) but I did it, and everything went pretty well. I lost my bookmarks, a couple of programs -- but no documents!! :D And the bookmarks and programs are replaceable. All in all, I got out of it rather well. And, obviously, I'm back now ^^ . W00T!

welcome back, man