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who wants to post paysite passwords
post deleted
waiting for topic deleation
Don't post the wwoec's password.
I want a password for proadult quantum. Badly.
I do belive that it is against the rules of the forum to ask for or post paysite passwords.
Sorry; didn't realize that. Thanks to anyone who would of given me a pass, though. Don't give me the pass, and sorry for asking.
It's different if its some big adult password site. But if its another site like this, it's stickin it to someone that doesn't have a whole lotta money.

The wwoec isn't like those big adult password sites, they are just trying to stay afloat.

We look out for other artists or sites like this one, but some big business one that is makin loads, well, could care less.
wwoec's password is easy.. i payed them my $5 so don't worry i won't tell the others what it is but it is easy.. it's not even worth paying $5 for ..

there was only a handful of pics in the area that requires the password and wasn't really worth it.