Poll: The DaD and the DHZ are planning to merge within the next few weeks. Do you think that should happen?
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DaD / DHZ-Merge: What's your opinion?
I'm against it. The DHZ was created to provide an alternative place for Digi-Hentai-Fans. By now it's an established site, and people are happy. I've seen the quasi-wars that have raged here when the DHZ was founded, and I'm not interested in seeing more riots because the two sides have to share a board all of a sudden. The DaD and the DHZ co-exist peacefully right now, please try to keep it that way.
dhz ... DaD

it`s been going on for a while now ..... and it can be put very simple .... the more members a board has the more insanity right now both are well doing fine .... but can do way better *the ol day`s of the dad*
^insert evil laugh here^
`t is possible that a merger flickers the flame of insanity and lets the board go of with a bangas I expect half of the 2 boards peeps wil meet and be happy to do .... what evver `t is what they want to do .. the other half might have some troubles yes ..... but to put it simple they won`t have a choise but to live together on the board if not ... well that`s what we have mods admins and the rest of the people for ... what ever it is that may hapen it`s never going to be able to be big enough to seriousely destabilize the board ........ nor do I think it will change all that much .... it`l just grow ... the same people that make it into what it is are still around ... it`l just have a extra diversity of insanity added .... all forms of inanity are good no :)

an well to end this ........ to big rant thing ....... just think daijobu all`s gonna be well kids :P
Well, first of all, what you've got to realize is that most of the people who joined the DHZ are those who were dissatisfied by how the DaD board/site was run. That could explain the ranting. Most of them DO see a merger between our sites as a "victory" and are getting pretty carried away by it. Also, a lot of what I said that was quoted was done to calm them down when they first heard about the merger. In truth, it's unlikely that any mods would be de-modded or DaDers kicked out for speaking their minds or arguing. Perhaps a hearty bitch-slap for both parties in said argument, but nothing more. In any case, things will work out, I'm sure.
My own personal opinion, I really don't care.

I've been going to the DaD for close to three years now, I've been there since shortly after it's board became an EzBoard for the first time, I've been there for almost all major events since, all three hackings, Aya and Ogre's exodus, the founding of the DHZ, and the arrival of many great and horrible members. I'm one of the oldest here and this is just another event to be chronicled in my mind.

Which briefly brings up my idea of actually having a chronicle of the DaD and all related boards from it's founding to today. But who am I kidding, it will never fly.

Getting back on topic, I'd have to agree that the only way to see how things turn out is to wait until it happens and watch. I think we'll see all sides of the issue, and see it explode onto the new board and the ensuing chaos afterward descending into a new order. I am willing to bet there will be flame wars on this and other related issues on the new board and these boards prior to the merger.

But I like to keep these in mind,

It can always be worse than it is, maybe the new site and board will be hacked to oblivion, or something else.

Things always work out for the better, after the merger, after all the chaos and dissagreement subside, things will fall into place, growing pains will go away and this event will be nothing more than a potentially unpleasant memory.

Nothing new will come if things go unchanged, this is fairly self explanatory but the longer things remain the same, the greater the chance of them becoming stale and nothing new entering the fold.

Well those are my rather lenghy two cents and I'm satisfied with it.
Well, honestly, I think with the new partner and site design, this is Togashi's subtle way of saying he's already made up his mind. This isn't really an issue anymore.
Well, personally I can't say I'm displeased with how everything turned out. Now everybody seems to have a cool website, the DaD- and the DHZ-people. Sort of a happy end, innit? mrgreen

But I agree with you, Soni: This isn't an issue any more. So I think that comment was the last I'm gonna say on the subject.

Quote:...which briefly brings up my idea of actually having a chronicle of the DaD and all related boards from it's founding to today.
Hey, that sounds like a cool idea! Mad, but cool ^^
The way I look at it, if it brings in more art, then great. If it brings in new people (and hopefully some old ones while it's at it) then that's even better. If it doesn't do at least one of the two, then no, I see no reason for a merger.

As for me, I remain optomistic that this merger is for the best.
I think we should let it come, how it comes.

Well I agree with the art and people point. It will surely be more art here and more people too. ^-^
I think there shouldn't be a merger. This place has a nice homely feel to it and yet has a nice efficient, complete look to it. Despite the fact that I've been reading these boards for only three days now, all of you seem like more or less nice, normal people with deranged secrets like me! So we're all like a big family here and we shouldn't go merging, the DaD is fine by itself as one family. The DHZ seems like a communist kingdom to me. DaD alone forever!!!