Going to Otakon tomorrow (aka Friday August 8)
I'm sorry I was SO latent on this, but I wasn't sure how to address this.

But NOW that I have, I wanna say that for the next three days (or so), I'ma gonna have FUN ON A BUN!!!!

WISH ME LUCK EVERYBODY ^_______^ !!!!!
Okay, have fun, dude!
mmmm... Otakon..... MSG2..... mmm.. I err... um... Oh, lata
I'm back from Otakon.

The food could've been better, but who really cares about the food...

The movies/series they'd shown there was of a nice variety, I saw Team GadGuard for the first time of my life (it's kinda like Voltron, except the pilots ride on the shoulders of human-like robots, oh, and it doesn't take place on a different planet), it's not bad of a series. Saw Kikaider (episode 2) subtitled; It was just as good as the dub, but I like the dub's end credits better than the sub's.

Saw Spirirted Away on the 35MM screen room. Strange, but a beautifully-made movie, nontheless.

There was a rave on the thrid floor of the convention center. Of course, late at night, but AWSM.

As for merchendise I got... I got a Cowboy Bebop Wall Scroll with Spike on it, a DVD Box Set of Getter Robo (I've seen it in College before, so I KNOW it's good), Volume 2 of Excel Saga, and a Zoid Model of Zabre Fang (I should've gotten Macurtis as well, but oh well).

Over all, I had a wonderful time there. But I think there should've been a bit more. Then again, I didn't do much of what was there... that'll be different next time.