Live-Action Sailor Moon Cast
Yeah, I'm pretty sure the show would be Power Ranger-esque, but they could look worse.
Mad Mallard Wrote:but they could look worse.

Oh great, Now there going to look like the tellitubies, Thanks a lot Mallard!

nah, just playing, But the first Thing I thought of when I saw them dressed like that was, "Power Rangers", then I'm all, Oh wait, Japan was the home of the power rangers after all..... *remembers the crappy ending to one of the shows where they showed a Japanese episode* so I watched them, I was bored!
By the way, what are they gonna do for the talking cat stuff? CGI Luna, or real cat with crappy lip movements?
I'm thinking an awful looking robot cat like Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch
The robot cat was not that bad considering that it was a TV show and they probably don't have the money to do much else. I could see a CG cat or real cat with CG lip movement.
accidental double post, sorry
What I want to know is how are they going to do all the special effects? The transformations, for example. I have a feeling that'll look pretty crap with real people.
But then again, I haven't seen anything of that series besides that picture, so maybe I shouldn't quite form my opinion on it yet...

BTW, I like asian girls too... But not in dresses that look as if they'd come off a fucking barbie doll! :x
Quote:BTW, I like asian girls too... But not in dresses that look as if they'd come off a fucking barbie doll!

Oh come on now, they look great.

*said whille higher than the Rolling Stones before the opening night of a concert*

Ohh...pretty sparkles.
MY FRICKIN' EYES FELL OUT OF THERE SOCKETS AND MELTED ON THE FLOOR. I like hot asians and I'd probably do 'em but not dressed up like that. They better drop the idea of this. Honestly this looks bad. You know waht sounds strange, a live-action Transformers movie and they're making one too!!! Go read some magazines, I read it in that Tribute mag here in Canada. Damn it that is one horrific pic.