Furry RPG System ^^
Hehe, well this year at Gen Con I had a blast, and got a chance to check out a lot of awesome new games. Probly the most fun one I played was an RPG system called Ironclaw. I basically spent 4 hours playing as a 6 foot tall rat Engineer with a severe paranoia problem. It was hilarious, fighting stuff with my fellow mammalian allies, and trying to act the part.

Strongly recommended reading material, even if you don't Role play!

Can you have sex in it?? That's my first, last and most important question.
Of course, with the proper book. This thing even describes how the various alignments should usually behave in sexual situations, along with certain more x-rated spells and such.

Like I said, I am not a big role player tho; and don't you think it would be odd to role play something like that with a group of strangers?
Better that than with people who actually know me and then see me acting like a weirdo.

"Okay, so I'm a male lion. My dick is massive and fearsome. Laura, I cast a seduction spell on you. We're gonna get it on now."

"..............yeeeeaah, listen, I think I'm just gonna step outside for a minute, or however long it takes me to get from the front door to my car. And you can go ahead and cancel Tuesday night too, you fucking freak."
Heh, i'd like to be able to play that, unfortuneately i can't :cry:

"Ok, i resist the seduction spell and i chop your **** off Twisted you now win a darwin award" lol
Hold up, you were at Gen Con? In Indianapolis Gen Con? If so, I could have met you! I'm a hoosier, now I wish I went.
Yep, that was at Indianapolis. Damn nice city too!

But I'll be there next year with my friends, I guess I didn't know anyone lived aorund there. Will hafta meet some people there next time.