Mindless ramblings and alittle movie stuff
Yes I have crawled out of my small hell hole to speak about wondrous things and to tell eveyone the secrets of the universe......which now i forget awell you didnt need to know them anyways. *looks at post count thingy by his name* damn only twenty something odd posts and here i am talking like i'm one of the great people from the old board....does anyone care that i'm speaking?

Everyone on the board: FUCK YOU!

... :shock: .....Ok I feel loved now...back to why am I posting, just feel like askin what every one thinks of the upcoming Freddy vs Jason movie and new Texas Chainsa Massacure movie....oh and see I am no longer Blitz18 but dum dum dum...MR.BLITZ! YAY!....ok that was pointless but i dont care since i am brain dead.

oh yeah here are something people might like to look at and watch
freddy vs jason clips(quick time needed)http://www.cinemovies.fr/fiche_extrait.php?IDfilm=1532

the new Texas Chainsa Massacure (quicktimed needed)

and lastly a pic of doc ock from spiderman 2
Well, FUCK YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An' cool to see you again...although I don't exactly remember you.

Cool info, tho!