For those whose into the Batman Comic Books
Those who are not into the Batman comics will probably not know what the hell this is about. In the comic world, this is a very big deal.

Here's a leaked page of who Hush is from the conclusion of the Hush Saga in Batman #619; coming in September.
I have no idea who Hush is (*isn't up to speed with the recent series), but I do know that THIS means trouble.
I havent read Batman in years, but I know what this is about.

I though Jason was killed when Joker beat him to death with a lead pipe =O
...HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!! :shock:

(Rubs forehead) Let dead characters stay DEAD!

He was an annoying twerp that readers voted dead, and he died.

Why the hell did they bring him back?

This reeks like Az-bats.
I never even heard of this guy. And judging from this image, he probably deserved that ass-beating with the lead pipe.