Cool Picture Thread
I saw this kind of thread on another MB, basically just post cool, funny, ugly, stupid pictures!

Even though the Spider-man Movie was great, do you think iut would have been any better if they had this Osbourn as the villian.
[Image: ozzygoblin.jpg]

[Image: ring.jpg]

[Image: center.jpg]

[Image: Baby_Hitler.jpg]
you were really bored, right?.... hehe... well... was kinda had to understand some parts but... nice pics... i should not surf drunken.... or at least... not msgboarding...
Surfing the Web or MSGBoarding Drunk is worse then Driving drunk, not only do you hit senior citizens, but you also hit poor programs and piccys and cyber trees
I like the first one, though I think Kelly osborne would be a better goblin lol.
The perfect Breakfast Deli Resturant for when you feel that good when you wake up.
[Image: cj_23586.jpg]

Don't any of you got any pics you wanna show off?
I'll give this a shot, if you don't mind:

[Image: rings.jpg]

[Image: kilt.jpg]

[Image: fedex.jpg]

Also, check out the following few URLs for some sick but hilarious comicy goodness...

mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen

Tight. Now here's some more:
Great stuff guys, keep it coming, I am.

This is a perfect reason why the class clown in school should never join the bomb squad.
[Image: Hijo_de_Puta.jpg]

[Image: elmo.gif]

[Image: Guinea_Pig_Pimp.jpg]
And here's something for you pokemon fans(especialy if you like Prima)
[Image: kan01.jpg]
Santa won't making his rounds this year.
[Image: 163401_0.jpg]

Japan has the perfect job for you if you always wanted to be a walking advertisment.
[Image: cj_23711.jpg]

Ahhh, true American hospitality
[Image: cj_23978.jpg]