Twelve Minutes
So, there's this game called Twelve Minutes.

I only just watched this on youtube.

Much spoilers.

It's basically about a home invasion. This guy comes home to his wife, she tells him they're having a baby and going to name it Dahlia after your mother, then this guy claiming to be a cop comes in and claims she murdered her father/his friend, he needs his valuable watch, and violence ensues. But you're stuck in a time loop a la Groundhog's Day. You should watch that movie. Anyway, you try to figure out how to get a good ending but no matter what you do you always end up back at the start.

You piece together clues as you go. Your wife admits she killed her father on Christmas Eve 8 years ago and took the watch and it's hidden under the sink. She then ran away to Hawaii or something for a while and there's a picture of her there. Then you find out the other guy needs the watch to pay for his daughter's cancer treatment. You find out your wife's father had an affair with the nanny, and later that that led to her having a half brother. She can't remember the nanny's name but remembers her mom calling her brother the monster.

In the time loops where you manage to tie up the home intruder guy you can get information out of him. He says as your wife's father was bleeding out he just kept saying 'monster' over and over. And that happened on New Year's Eve. Your wife only shot her father on Christmas Eve, he was actually killed by someone else later and she never realised. It must have been her half brother, now you've got to figure out who that is. You ask him what the nanny's name was but he can't remember it exactly. It was something like a flower... Dairy or Daffodil or... you ask if it was Dahlia.

You get sick as a repressed memory comes back to you YOU'RE YOUR WIFE'S HALF BROTHER AND KILLED YOUR FATHER. Flashback, your father confronting you, trying to tell you to stop being in love with her. He brings out a gun while arguing, there's a struggle, he gets shot.

But still, no matter what happens, what you do with this information, you can't escape the time loop. But there is one thing you can do it turns out. If you look closely at your father's watch, you can force the hands backward. It takes you back to the scene where your father is trying to convince you to leave her. You can now choose different conversation options to avoid killing him.

You can do as he says and agree to leave her alone, and none of this ever happens. This gets you back to the main menu instead of restarting the time loop.

You could instead say a quote from a book in the room which the wife quoted earlier, and if you then listen to him longer you can agree to let him hypnotize you to make you forget you ever loved her. Maybe it was refusing this hypnotism which led to you forgetting being her brother and killing him. But now you can let him hypnotize you further and it goes back to the title screen again instead of repeating.

But there is one final trick. Don't select a speech option and listen to his monologue about imagining time going backwards or something to hypnotize you for a while. You can click the clock to look at it. If you stare at it just as the hands reach 12 your father's voice (William Dafoe's) narrates, "You do have a remarkable imagination. The stories you've created. But believing them so strongly, so deeply is unhealthy. You have to let her go. You can't keep obsessing over her. Sometimes things just are what they are. It's time for you to wake up." All the events of the game were of you imagining a future with her. Once it goes back to the title screen the "continue" button is gone. All you can do is quit the game. There was no 'good' ending, sometimes that's just the way things are.
that sounds deep. Maybe I should see some footage about it
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