Your anime ratings per season?
I was thinking we could summarize briefly what each season was about, how it ended and how you would rate it from 1-10. Why? maybe we ccould find a thing or two as conversation topics
or maybe not?  Armidillo
I've left this tab open in my browser to reply but it's hard to focus and write it out, so let me be as brief as possible:

Adventure dub good, jap good
02: dub bad, jap good
Tamers: dub good, jap good
Frontier: dub so-so, jap so-so
Savers: dub good, jap good
Xros: dub good, jap good
Hunters: bad
Tri: dub ok, sub ok
Appmon: good
Adventure 2020: bad

In closing, watch everything anyway.
Agreed. Watch everything, don't use jap for Japan use JPN, and hope Ghost Game is good.