New Digimon anime "Ghost Game" and 02 movie announced
A brand new Digimon anime has been announced, plus a new movie featuring the 02 cast.

Happy August 1st everyone. The rumors were true, this year at the DigiFes announcement stream "Digimon Ghost Game" has been confirmed, as well as a yet-untitled Adventure 02 movie.

Digimon Ghost Game will premier this fall after the current Adventure reboot series ends. The poster says "Hologram? Ghost?"

[Image: ghostgameposter_august1_2021.jpg]

The three new Digimon in Ghost Game are named Gammamon, Angoramon, and Jellymon respectively. DiM cards featuring them for the Vital Brace v-pet have also been announced.

[Image: ghostgamedigimon_august1_2021.jpg]

The only info we have for the 02 movie is a poster and short trailer that only shows the poster, with Daisuke/Davis narrating. He tells us he met someone claiming they were the first person to have ever partnered with a Digimon. Click the CC button on the youtube video to see the english subtitles.

Credit the for the images and details. Check them out for all the other announcements made at DigiFes, and to keep up with all Digimon news.
Yes this should be interesting. The current remake is getting close to being over so let's start wondering just what these could be.
First episode of Ghost Game is premiering! The opening looks amazing:
It, just like the last series is on Crunchyroll. So that's easy to get it.
Ghost Game is going well. This is a really good season.
Agreed. It's quite fun. Going real well.
There sure is a lot of death of human non-characters in this season. And not enough plot unfortunately. They're really doubling down on the episodic format so much that there's no progress at all...
We have an ultimate so maybe we'll get the other two and have more plot. I'm waiting for the extra main character.