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Now Hardy Boys
First, Nancy Drew series, which was totally out. I rather read the novel.

Now, Hardy Boys series, from the episode 1, also totally out. I also rather read the novel.

Why, why, why, MUST start with childhood? I mean, Episode 1 already changed all characters background.

Nancy Drew episode 1 was totally wrong, her parents, her friends, her personalities, everything wrong.

Now, Hardy Boys also same. Their mother is a secret agent? I don't buy it. This is NOT Alex Rider series.

I wish they could start like the novel episode 1, straight into solving mystery, and then each episode got a new mystery (same formula as CSI, each episode got a new case).

Mc Gyver season 5 episode 1 was good. I believe Codec will return, for the last time.
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Scooby Doo Mystery Inc was better than Hardy Boys in terms of solving small mysteries which leads to bigger and final mystery. Gato" alt="Gato" title="Gato">

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