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best episodes
Since Pokemon X,Y and Z until now no good episodes. But episode 42 - 45 opened my eyes, Sword and Shield!!!!!

To me, episode 42 - 45 is a breakthrough, unlike old series, this is not a gym battle where no pokemon dies, this is a dead or alive battle.

Digimon reboot episode 24 is also damn good. I feel that this reboot is better than the old series.

The latest Inuyasha animation is also very nice.

The new era KR all sucks, Zi-O, Zero One and Now Saber, all sucks.

The female lead character in Saber is more annoying than Crayon Shin Chan and Team Rocket. The person who read the story in the start is meaningless and also annoying. The end song is much better than the opening theme song.
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The Pokemon anime sure is different this gen.
Digimon the reboot is very different this time. They really tried.
Reiwa KR is alright. He might show up sometime later. Remember the DJ in Gaim? Also, I finished 9 years of episodes in just 2 years. So I really know what I mean about Heisei KR and up. ...It's different that they even have an ED now. You know how many they had? 3. Kuuga, Hibiki, and Saber.

The DJ in Gaim is expected already since episode 2, just like Evolto (cafe owner) in Build (many have guessed he is Cobra).

But the guy in Saber just read books, if he really is the Final Boss, I will be 1000% shocked.

This Digimon Reboot makes more sense, I mean they are not moving around blindly now (they knew they have to save Tokyo, and the captured Digimon), compared to the old series.

Pokemon episode that excludes Team Rocket is good episode.

Saber also same, episode that excludes the female character is good episode.

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I didn't say that but he might be something. The only problem is that they're split up. So it seems like only half of them are important. Some might agree with that. Like how they were in Black/White but some didn't actually like that. ...There's like 2 female characters. 3 maybe.

Another great episode 46! VS Mew Two!

Luckily they lost.

The Mew Two in the Detective Pikachu move was a fake Mew Two!

"I was created to be the most powerful Pokemon!" said Mew Two.

So powerful, and yet was captured by the humans so easily?

Once again, Pikachu was nerfed!!!

Pikachu could defeat the Legendary Pokemon in Alolan (Sun and Moon series), but was one-hit KO by Mew Two.

Lucario could fight for 5 minutes, but Pikachu was KO in less than 1 minute.

It is time for Pikachu to admit that he could not become powerful without evolve.

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He'll never evo. They did many episodes about this. It's just how things are.