Wear or don't wear shoes?
Why some anime/cartoon animals wear shoe, but some don't?

Example, Zootopia all animals wear shoes. Beastars (comic) also wear shoes.

But The King of Beast and the Princess of Sacrifice (comic) all animals don't wear shoes. Kung Fu Panda also don't wear shoes.

Micky Mouse wear shoes, but Donald Duck.

In Zootopia and Beastars, it is weird to see a huge animal wear shoes, such as elephant, crocodile and etc. Agu

I am sure that their shoe shop is extra large, because need more space to put extra large shoes.
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And some don't even wear pants. Isn't that weirder.

The weirdest part is:

When Tom and Jerry were at home, they were naked. But when they went to the beach, they dressed swim suit.

Donald Duck was naked below. But he covered his below with a towel when he came out from the bathroom. When the towel dropped, he blushed and quickly his below with both paws. Agu" alt="Agu" title="Agu">

[Image: Renamon2.jpg]
And girl characters frequently will be the only ones wearing clothes.