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Why must we lose everything when we grew up?
So, Digimon Adventure 01 finale?

Will there be Digimon Tamers Final Evolution? Digimon Savers Final Evolution? Xcross War Final Evolution?

I liked this movie. Really much better than Tri.

So, they chose to grow up. This reminds me of Peter Pan, he chose NOT to grow up.

But! Why must we lose everything when we grew up?

We still can stay with our partner even we became an adult, or even old man/woman.

Look at Pokemon (and the lousy Movie), many old man/woman and adults still got Pokemon.

So, why can't they continue to stay with Digimon until they dies of old age?
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I'll have to wait until I see the movie to say anything.

In short, we must sacrifice everything that grew up with us.

This is contradict with Digimon 02 ending, where there grew up became adults.

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That ending has been confusing people for years.

Summary of Digimon:
No matter how many times the Digimon left his/her partner, the Digimon will somehow reunion or returns.

In short, there is no such thing as forever goodbye.

In 01 ending, Digimon and partners said goodbye. But they reunion in 02.

In 03 ending, Digimon returns home. But there is a Digital Portal inside Guilmon den.

In Digimon Hunter, Digimon returns home. But...dunno how they came back again in the last minute.

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