Digimon Adventure reboot
Very well done reboot.

The pace is much faster then original series. I think this reboot series won't have 50 episodes.

Two kids standing on Omegamon's shoulder, and yet Omegamon still can fly and attack enemies without difficulties.

What a BIG surprise, Omegamon appears on episode 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully can reboot Digimon Tamers!!!!!

[Image: Renamon2.jpg]
My hope is that they'll just continue on in the same universe, introducing Tamers characters after the Adventure plots. Like the public events of Adventure are covered up by the government as filming a movie or a publicity stunt of some kind. Then they'll have to make a franchise to keep the cover working... and who is a fan of that franchise? Takato

Anyway I like the new series. Such an interesting alternate take on everything.

Pokemon 2019, I watched, but not really liked it.

To me, Pokemon X,Y,Z is the finale. The best. Nuff said.

Pokemon Sun and Moon, the nightmare begins!!!!!!!!!!

The graphics sucks, plots sucks, in the end forced champion!!!!!!!!

WTF? Ash defeated the Legendary Pokemon without evolving Pikachu??? To me, Ash should have won the X,Y,Z contest, and lost to the Legendary Pokemon in Sun and Moon.

I don't mean to look down on Ash, but winning a Legendary Pokemon without evolving Pikachu is impossible. This mean Pikachu is the most powerful Pokemon in universe???

For example, Agumon defeated a Mega Digimon, this is 100% impossible.

Moreover, in X,Y,Z, the opponent is already half-dead (tired, low HP), and yet Ash Pokemon has near-full HP.

[Image: Renamon2.jpg]