Pat was right
Pat was right: the experienced heroes can't kill the bad guys, how can the inexperienced kids kill them?

Stargirl killed Brainwave by luck, to me.

Now Stargirl is recruiting new members. But how are they going to defeat the bad guys with super powers, and some of them are the authorities.

Young Justice could beat the Justice League (Superman vs Clone Superman) because they were trained. But Stargirl and her friends were not trained.

Anyway, I liked this new TV series.
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Yeah, I think Courtney's attitude is bad, unrealistic writing. Why doesn't she just crop a photo of Starman and ask her mom if she recognizes him? Nope, she's just going to call him her dad every 5 minutes so the viewers know how stupid she is.

But I'll be watching. I hope the wand is given a new master and we can see the full extent of its powers Icicle mentioned... but I don't trust writers to ever mention it again.

I still dun understand why the staff chosen her, instead of Pat, whom had been a sidekick for years. What makes her more qualify than Pat? Before Starman dies, he also mentioned many times Pat was not the one. I really pity Pat.

Imagine this, before Batman dies, he asked another teenager to become Batman, and told Robin that he was NOT qualify. How would Robin think?

In Digimon 01, each chosen kid had own unique characteristic (hope, faith, love and etc.), that's why they are qualified. But what about Stargirl?

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I strongly believe that this series is lack of training.

When Barry Allan became The Flash, he did some trainings with Dr Wells. Before and after Oliver became GA, he did many trainings. Wayne also did some trainings before becoming Batman. Spiderman and Iron Man did self-training and learned from mistakes. Supergirl also did some trainings with her step-sister. Batwoman also trained with a man in episode 1.

Stargirl defeated Brainwave in episode 2, that was fast! And most important, she was NOT trained.

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The series is her learning to be a hero. Her and her team. That seems to be the point of these.

From other TV series, I have NOT seen any heroes who did not do trainings before going to the battlefield.

This will be my first hero series who was NOT trained and was inexperienced, but still can defeat experienced enemies.

Even Supergirl lacked of confidence and made mistakes in first few episodes.

This series did not show how they were trained by professionals.

In first episode, the enemies just wipe all experienced heroes in less than 30 minutes.

Now Stargirl and her team still got time to learn? The America project (what the hell is this project) is going to finish, she and her team must stop them ASAP.

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The staff did most of the work. But it might have been the last of a prolonged fight. We don't know how long they were fighting back then.