Why not resurrect Iron Man?
If Coulson can be resurrected twice, why not use the same technology to resurrect Iron Man?

Life-Model Decoy (LMD) Tony Stark, sounds cool.  Pata

Agents of Shield season 7 starts with a bang! What a surprise! Nothing is impossible for Shield!

LMD Tony Stark meets LMD Coulson.  Why not?
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One comic actually have a question of if this Tony is a real Tony or not.

After watching Spiderman Far From Home, is that real Furry or not? Why is he doing on a beach while others are working hard protecting Earth?

Coulson: "In order to save Shield, we MUST help Hydra."

Quake: "Great!"

The way Coulson fight the enemy is so funny...he won't feel pain even he punched a pot. Hahaha...

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From a literary standpoint it would be extremely unthematic to bring a character back after such an impactful death and carefully designed cap on his story arc. Comic books do that all the time but that medium has different precedents and expectations. Agents of Shield pulls on comic book logic more so than traditional stories, and are more able to to do so in a television medium than the big screen.

From an in-universe standpoint the Infinity Gauntlet is such a universal level of power that it can be clear the damage was so deep-rooted there was no way to fix it. Banner-Hulk's hand hadn't even healed by the funeral, and he's supposed to have healing similar to Wolverine. A LMD Stark, or other form of artificial recreation of him like the comics, would need a backup of his mind, which we have no indication has taken place to anyone but perhaps Vision.

IRL Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel are both clearly moving on from using Stark as a titular/recurring character. They aren't the Winchesters.

The real Fury in the end credits scene of Far From Home wasn't on a beach, he was just taking a short break on a holodeck and seems to be hard at work building something in space, possibly S.W.O.R.D. to protect Earth.
Thank you. But if they do bring him back, they'll need a new actor. Might be hard to find someone as good.

Oh I see. I hope they stop creating LMD. After a person dies, let him/her RIP, don't bring him/her back.

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That's only for people who aren't important. heh heh