Sonic is a good movie
The design of Sonic, as well as Miles Prower - better known by his nickname Tails, are 1000% better than Detective Pikachu.

Pikachu is totally wrongly drawn (look at the Pikachu in Pokemon Go and cartoon series). Expression is bad (brows always knitted). Too hairy.

No, this is NOT realistic (according to the artists). Micky Mouse, Mighty Mouse, Biker Mice from Mars, these mice were not hairy and yet they were cute.

I feel comfortable looking at Sonic and Tails, but NOT at Physduck and Pikachu.
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It took them a lot just to get Sonic right. Nintendo didn't have that problem.

Where did Tails come from?

In the beginning, the Guardian never mentioned about Tails.

During the whole movie, Sonic kept saying that he IS ALONE!!!!! He has NO friends!!!!

But, after the movie ends, in ester egg, Tails suddenly appeared and said "I must help Sonic before it is too late."

Clearly, Tails knew Sonic, and he also knew how to find Sonic.

So, why Sonic never mentioned about Tails during the 1 hour and 40 minutes?

Why Sonic never tried to locate Tails when he was in trouble, or lonely?????

Where was Tails hiding at the time?

Why Tails suddenly appeared from out of nowhere?

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Sequel bait. And they'll explain all of that in a 2nd movie. You're thinking too hard on it now.

Hope you are right.


If Tails knew Sonic from the beginning, why Sonic said that he has no friends? the second movie, what will Sonic say when he met Tails?
is he going to ask "Who are you? How you know me?"

If Sonic said, "Tails, long time no see!"

Then why in the first movie Sonic said that he has no friends (he already knew and met Tails)?

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Amnesia is a really easy card to play for some people.