Why Batwoman is Les?
In the last episode of Kamen Rider Build, two Earth combined into one.

In Crisis, now all hero shares the same Earth?

So, we will see other DC heroes in each series (Batwoman and etc.)?

Quite confusing. Earth can be combined so easily.

Why Batwoman is a lesbian?

I mean, this totally ruined the whole series. I don't want to see her having xxx with other girl in each episode.

Even if she is a Les in comic, this need to be changed in the TV series.

Luckily other heroine are not a Les (Sara, Felicia, Iris and etc.)

Does this mean there will be a Gay hero for TV series?
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...Wow... Hold on, let me get a blackboard to break this all down.

Of course everyone is on one Earth. It makes things easier for the writers. And you can easily combine and split Earths. Look at Kamen Riders Decade and Zi-O.

Now then...
Batwoman was a lesbian because that's how she's wrote and they need more representation.
Sara? As in Sara Lance/White Canary on Legends of Tomorrow? The one who clearly has a girlfriend?
And there is a gay hero on TV. Or at least Bi. John Constantine. He's well known to be.

This was your "best" topic I've seen.

I don't see how les can help improve the story, but I can tell many audience don't like this. Why not spend more time on the main plot?

This reminds me Oliver, in season 1 episode 1 until finale, Oliver got the name list, he wanted to revenge. But, after season 2, he never mentioned about the name list, nobody cares about the name list, it just vanished suddenly. And yet, his revenge is still going on.

I believe that after season 2, Batwoman will become normal again, i.e. no more les (her first girlfriend already asked her to stay away from her).

Zi-O is the worst KR series. Decade is the best, except for the ending, the ending sucks.

Obviously the Director of Zi-O never watched Terminator and Doraemon (Nobita and his Dinousaur).

Actually, Zi-O can end in 2 episodes instead of 40++ episodes.

First episode: Gaiz travel back to the past and killed Sougu's parents. In the present time, Sougu vanished after his parents died.

The end.

First episode: Gaiz travel back a few years ago, or a few weeks ago, before
Sougu became Zi-O, and killed

The end.

But, in the TV series, stupid Gaiz travel back only a few seconds before


henshin to Zi-O. Don't you agree that he is a moron? Why not travel back to a few days before

Sougu has the chance to henshin?

Ok, he was too late to stop

Sougu. You know what did he do? He did not do anything.

WTF!!! Gaiz, can't you travel back to the past again when you realised that you are already too late???

I mean, when you saw

Sougu henshin, you knew that you are too late to stop him. So, why not take your time travel machine and do the time traveling again, go back to the past again!!! Your time machine can only travel one time!!!?????? Then you better asked Den-O Train Captain to modify your machine, or any member from Legends of Tomorrow.

And then in episode 2 and 3, the basketball kid dies, but in the end, he was resurrected!

WOW! If Den-O Train Captain, or Legends of Tomorrow, or the Space Police from Doraemon series, or PR Time Force, knew that you changed the history, you will be arrested immediately.

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OK. Time to do one of those break downs I do. Going to hit this like a Force Riser and a Progrise Key.

..Who doesn't like it? And it doesn't help the plot, it's just a character trait.
The list being forgotten was part of character development.
They didn't know how he because the demon king so some took a chance to see if they could stop it. Either by making someone else a king or by offing him. But of course, it ended up better since the final villain was even worse. And what if it wasn't him, it was just another guy named that. Like the guy from the movie.

There you go.

The Zi-O ending is far worse than Decade.

All dead characters became same school friends?????????? WTH????????
They are from dimensions!!!!!!! And yet they did not lose memories????

The Build ending is even better (although is also very bad) than Zi-O ending. In Build, the dead characters were back, BUT lost their memories, this is better than they remembered everything (and yet pretend nothing happened before).

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Another Dickedo there just grabbed the two Time Jackers to help him do his work. They weren't terrible people. And Waga Maou! is a kind and merciful guy.