Digimon Cyber Sleuth-based Human\Digimon rp
If anyone here still wants to do rps in the forum I had an idea for an RP designed for Human\Digimon relationships.  It would be loosely based on the setting in Digimon Cyber Sleuth and Hacker's Memory.

For those who are not familiar with that setting, people in the real world log into a virtual network called "Eden" by transferring their mind into a virtual avatar that looks just like them and are linked to their online accounts.  Here most normal internet activity takes place.

Their is an abandoned part of Eden called Kowloon that is used mostly by hackers.

Some Digimon did come from an alternate universe called the Digital World, but many Digimon were also created in Eden and Kowloon.  Digimon are generally used as tools by hackers or as defense against hackers. The general public is not aware that Digimon area more then programs.

The idea I had for this rp was for human and Digimon characters to get into a relationships. At first the human characters may think that the Digimon are mere programs.  Another idea is that they may meet and befriend the Digimon and then later it evolves into a more humanoid form that they are attracted too.

It would likely work best if players had both human and Digimon characters. So just let me know if you are interested so I will know if there are enough people for this.

I can do one-on-one rps too since it doesn't look there any enough people here for a group rp.