So many ppl dies in Crisis crossover
Those who joins the show die eventually.  Pal

Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, all dies.

Batman? Batwoman? Catwoman? Legends of Tomorrow? Don't know.

Can't wait for this Crisis crossover.
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Can you prove anyone but Green Arrow dies? That's what everyone is thinking since it's just him.
According to the comic, Flash and Supergirl dies.

Flash season 1 already hinted "Flash vanished since 2xxx" (future newspaper headline), this timeline was related to Crisis.

That's why Green Arrow and Flash ends in season 8. And then Batwoman (Batgirl? Cat Woman?) season begins.

Who dies in Hawaii Five-O season finale?

She aimed the gun at the main characters (Five-O), and then released the trigger! "BANG!" Season finale ends!!!! Demidevi
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Comic is different. And that newspaper has been changed a couple of times.