How many times Disney want to fail
How many times Disney want to fail before they realize that cartoon re-make is not workable.

Imagine this, you are watching Discovery Channel.

Suddenly! The animals began to talk!

How do you feel?

The worst part of Lion King is:
The animals talk without any facial emotions.  Agu

You won't be able to feel their sadness, happiness and etc. feelings.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight? <----- they sing this song during afternoon. Why not change it to Can You Feel The Love This Afternoon?

Hakuna Mattata! <------ I don't feel their joyfulness.

I can't wait to be king! <------ I don't feel his ambition.

The plot (story) is totally sucks.
[Image: Renamon2.jpg]
Digimon can talk, nothing wrong, cartoon.

All animals can talk in Zootopia, nothing wrong, 3D animation.

Ninja Turtle can talk, nothing wrong because cartoon also can talk.

But animals in Lion King can talk is very wrong, especially when their face looks like Renamon (poker face)
[Image: Renamon2.jpg]
Maybe they can get the Little Mermaid to work better.