Remake/reboot is even worse
Why does these movie exist? Why remake/reboot them when the original are near perfect?

Look at Mew Two strikes back Evolution trailer. The Pokemon are fine, but the human characters are...barbie dolls? (female looks like Annabelle doll)

Detective Pikachu, sigh.

Aladdin, the blue...

Hellboy was worse than the original.

Sonic...look at the teeth and long legs.

Doraemon also remake The Dinausaur, 3rd times. Each time they said plot different, but still almost the same, same ending, same plots, only different enemies.

Mew Two strikes back Evolution has same plot with the original 2D animation, but this time with ugly characters. Really not worth the money and time to watch.

I missed those old 2D hand-drawn Pokemon movies. And 2D hand-drawn Disney cartoons (Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty, Snow White)

I also missed Zootopia. Can't they make the 3D animation as good as Zootopia?
[Image: Renamon2.jpg]
It's just once for the anniversary of the Mewtwo movie. Next year will be 2D like normal.