I don't understand the open identity
X-Men, Fantastic Four, Ronin, Captain America, Thor and some other heroes did not hide their identity. 

Iron Man movie: The truth is, I am the Iron Man!

Since now whole world knows Spiderman's identity, what will happen next? Can't he just stand out and declare "I am Spiderman!"?

OK, some may say "Because the enemies will kill Spiderman's best friends!"

But why nobody kills X-Men or Fantastic Four or other heroes best friends?

So far, Spiderman and Flash are two heroes whom did not take extra care about their secret identities. Compared to Batman, I really very rare saw him showing his identity in front of strangers, he only unmasked in front of Alfred only.
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You know what Spider-Man got when he revealed his? His aunt shot and that terrible One More Day plotline!
Why don't people attack the friends/family of the X-Men and FF? ...Sometimes they do. But they also know they'll get beat up for that. You want to make The Thing or Wolverine mad?
That's mostly in the Flash TV show. Don't know why. And Batman is Batman. He's a whole source of questions.
John Wick = Peter Parker = whole world will hunt them now.  Agu

Luckily John Wick found a new friend. Movie 4: John Wick strikes back?

Peter Parker needs to borrow the memory eraser from MIB. S.H.I.E.L.D did not make one?

Now I am very curious, how is Peter going to clear his name? The Avengers disbanded. Nick Fury is not around.  Vee
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You'll find out next movie.