Getting worse (no spoiler)
I thought X-Men : Apocalypse sucks, but Dark Phoenix is even more sucks. Agu

They changed Director/Producer, and this new Director/Producer obviously did not watch the previous X-Men movies. Dark Phoenix got so many plot holes that contradicts Days of Future Past and Apocalypse.

This is same as Superman vs Batman, in the end, we saw a hand emerged from the Superman's grave. But never mentioned in the next movie: Justice League.
And even worse, no people asked "Clark! How did you survive from the plane crash?!" They pretended that Clark did not die in the previous movie.

Actually Dark Phoenix should break into two parts, or trilogy, just like Avengers 4.

Imagine this, Avengers 4 only got 1 part:
1) When the movie begins, Thanos suddenly got all stones (never explained how).
2) Thanos began to kill heroes.
3) During last 20 minutes, Avengers and Captain Marvel fights back and killed Thanos (Thanos somehow got weaken, nerfed, never explained where did Captain Marvel come from, assume there is no Captain Marvel solo movie).

Movie ends in less than 2 hours, how do you feel?

The villains in Dark Phoenix are same as Steppenwolf in JL. We don't know their purposes and where did they come from.

Bad guy came, X-Men fights back, victory, movie ends. Armidillo
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Blame the writers. That is all.
Also blame the producers for hiring the writers. And whoever gave the producers the rights to make the movie in the first place.
Which brings you back to executives.
Last phase (era) movies : 

Avengers 4 won.

X-Men : DP lost.

Although many people disliked the way (method) Marvel made movies (each movie is linked with future movies), we must admit that this method is damn successful.

Look at S vs B and Justice League, both failed to create a new universe. This proves that their method is wrong. They must build the universe step by step, NOT in less than a year.
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