Why squeeze unnecessarily humans into the movie
Why squeeze unnecessarily humans into the movies?

While I was watching Transformers 3, I wanted to shout "I don't care about your interview, your working environment, your Boss and your job scope! I want to see Transformers only!" to the movie Producer/Director.

While I was watching Transformers 2 to 4, I closed my eyes and relaxed while the husband and wife began to quarrel like a kid. Just sign the damn paper, divorce and fuck off! I want to see Transformers only!

Godzilla 1:
While I was watching Godzilla 1, I felt being cheated because I did not see it properly. And even worse, I only saw it appears less than 30 minutes.

Whenever it appears, the surrounding sure got fog, smoke or something that hides it. As a result, I could only see it's shadow or shape.

Whenever it began to fight, the camera immediately turned to the humans!!! WTF!!! As a result, I never saw it fights under daylight. I only saw two shadows fighting (one is Godzilla, one is bad monster).

Godzilla 2:
Now Godzilla King is also the same. Too many unnecessarily humans. I saw their funny expressions more than I saw Godzilla fighting.

Too many unnecessarily humans spoiled the movie. Some humans appeared just for the sake to die/sacrifice.

Too many unnecessarily humans dragged the movie. I rather watch an one-hour movie without humans, or with only a few humans (just like the cartoon series). Transformers or Godzilla fighting for nearly one hour, am I asking too much?
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Transformers is explained by Bay being an idiot. While people do agree that there's too many humans in the Godzilla movie. None of these people are critics of course because they don't understand the movie for some reason.
How could Godzilla emergeĀ from the deep blue sea? He can swim? His body can float? He is not a fish, he is a...monster.
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...Does it matter? It's Godzilla. Watch more movies. They might explain it.