T.K. had been staying on his Aunt and Uncle's farm for the last week, and Patamon had been enjoying himself greatly. Today, it was his turn to feed the calves while T.K. mucked out the stables in the barn.

Patamon filled a bottle with warm milk replacer formula and entered the stalls where the last calf of the day was waiting, having already fed the others. "Here, Emma! Got your bottle!" Patamon called to the calf.

Emma, a classic black/white dairy heifer, energetically trotted over to the Rookie-Level Digimon and began suckling from the bottle's false teat.

Patamon couldn't stop thinking about how much he was missing Gatomon's company while he was out here on the farm. He began fantasising about just how much he had enjoyed their last Easter together. He'd covered his dick in warm chocolate sauce and she eagerly fellated him to suck off every last morsel.

Just the thought of her sandpapery tongue on his member was getting him aroused. So aroused, in fact, he hadn't noticed that Emma had finished her milk formula and was now looking hungrily at his cock. He was brought back to reality by the sensation of Emma's warm, wet, and slightly rough tongue engulfing his penis, making him gasp and shiver.

Patamon didn't want to admit it, but the calf's mouth on his throbbing dick felt AMAZING; better than Gatomon's. He let loose a few moans and whimpers of pleasure as he felt his orgasm slowly building. His balls ached, his cock throbbed, and then...

"I'm gonna...!"

He came deep down Emma's throat, giving the calf a salty, creamy treat of his seed. Emma swallowed every drop, cleaning off Patamon's cock before wandering off. Patamon sat, panting as he recovered from the sheer power of the orgasm he'd just had.

"I'll have to get T.K. to armour Digivolve me later... I wanna try mating with the mares next!" he thought, grinning.