Cute? Realistic? (Pokemon No spoiler)
According to the artists, those Pokemon are realistic and cute.

From the trailer, I disagreed. Especially Psyduck.

After I watched the movie, I thought I was watching a movie made in 2000, not 2019.
Even Snowy (Tin Tin sidekick) is more cute and realistic.

Did they watch Zootopia? Those animals in Zootopia are very cute and realistic.

My English is bad. Maybe I misunderstood the real meaning of 'cute' and 'realistic'.

To the artists, mice (Pikachu) has hair and fur. Duck and balloon (Jigglypuff) also has hair and fur. Without hair and fur, they are NOT cute and realistic anymore.

Since when mice, duck and balloon has hair and fur?

If they are right, then those animals in Zootopia (and other cartoons, such as Micky Mouse) are NOT cute and realistic anymore.

1) Eyes too big! In the cartoons and Pokemon Go, his eyes are smaller than the two red dots on his cheeks.

2) You are NOT a human, don't always frown! Puss
in Boots and the cat in Shrek series is cute and realistic although he did not frown.

3) Nose and mouth are located slightly

4) Too hairy and furry!

1) Since when duck grows hair and fur?

2) Again, this is ugly and scary. NOT cute and realistic.

NO!!!! My lovely Aipom!!! What have they done to you??? Someone please re-draw them properly!!!

Why Snubbull's head so huge!!!?????

When will you learn Hollywood. These movies never work. You need to stop making live action cartoon (or video game) adaptations. All they do is ruin people's childhood. Pokemon is a great cartoon/game and I don't want to see it get ruined by cash cows who just want to make a quick buck. Also CGI Psyduck and Pikachu looks ugly and scary. Mice and ducks are meant to be cute, they have no hairs or furs!

Look at Sonic the Hedgehog and Alladdin.

Look at the Sonic's trailer, it is NOT a Sonic, it is a human cosplay Sonic. I mean, the Sonic looks like a human wearing Sonic's costume.
[Image: Renamon2.jpg]
Compared to Sonic, the Pokemon are Pixar level good. Plus any arguments about it happened nearer to where it was shown. The movie is actually pretty good I heard.
Welcome to Zootopia...oops, sorry, wrong movie.

Welcome to Ryn City.

Yes, Movie is 100% much better than the game.

The movie itself has a proper ending. In the game, one BIG cliffhanger remains: he did not find his father.

The movie pace is okay, you won't feel dragged.

The plot is easy to understand. Unlike Kamen Rider Henshin Forever (why the Boss hates Kamen Rider? Where did he come from?) and Endgame (the Flashpoint paradox is confusing).

The movie's moral is: cherish what you have now.
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That's Heisei forever. And of course it doesn't make sense. It's Zio. And it's finally a good video game movie. That's the good part.
Yes, a good video game movie.
But I hope that this is the last Pokemon movie.

However, the 3D animation series were good, this proves that Pokemon and Digimon are NOT suitable to become a real movie.
Look at Transformers, only first Transformers was good, the remaining (2-5) all sucks.

Dragonball movie, OMG!!!!!!! I am going to destroy the director!!!

Honestly, I prefer non-realistic animals, such as Zootopia. I don't want my Wargreymon looks like Charizard (which looks like already 100 years old).

I think Resident Evil 1,2 are also good.

Tekken is the best in the fighting category.
KoF is the worst in the fighting category, end of discussion.
DoA also bad.
SF also bad, the bad guys in Legend of Chun Li were nerfed (weaken) badly, why no Sagat???? Fighting at Thailand without Sagat??? Chun Li can defeat Vega, Barlog and M. Bison, you must be kidding me.

The coming Alladdin and Sonic sure bad, no doubt, the trailer already got many complains.
This movie is difficult to attract any audiences.

As a Pokemon fans, can't accept the hairy duck and furry mouse.

As a normal movie audience, will feel boring because there are no actions. This is a family comedy movie, not family comedy action movie (Shazam).

It is a good video game movie. But failed as a normal movie.

The Pokemon did NOT use any skills. 

Mew Two only used Shadow Ball (one time only) and Psychic. Pikachu only used Thunder Wave (10 seconds only). Gyarados only used Waterfall (5 seconds only).

There is no Gym, and Pokemon vs Pokemon is prohibited. As a result, there will be no Gym Leader battles. You paid tickets to watch realistic animals only.

Only Pokemon animation movie has actions. (Mew vs Mew Two)
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There's another Pokemon movie coming out this year!
It's not based off of the main line games. That's why. And that's why it worked. You can't shove 8 gyms and 4 Elite Four plus a Rival in a movie.
I have to disagree with you.
The funniest part:

From TV cartoon: Team Rocket kicked the Magicarp back to the water, not knowing that kicking a Magicarp could make them evolve. Later, they were surrounded by hundreds of Gyarados. 

From the movie: Kicking a Magicarp could make them evolve. Cruel but funny. If you have a Magicarp and could not find the item to evolve it, then kick it.

[Image: Renamon2.jpg]
That's one of those fun things they added in to see if anyone noticed.