Without Zack = good movie
Those movies which were not involved with Director Zack were good movies. Agu 

Another reason Shazam was good because it does NOT try to fit into the DCU. In fact, they concentrated on making a good movie.

Moreover, Shazam was not dark. (luckily they did not try to make Shazam as dark as Man of Steel, which was the worst idea)

Most of my friends said that the DCU is actually "dead" (not workable). The first entry was supposed Green Lantern but it became worst movie. Then Man of Steel also bad, B vs S is shit. Justice League is also bad.

From Man of Steel to Aquaman, they does not seem to fit into Justice League and the whole DCU.

It is time to make light hearthed movies. Pata
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Green Lantern was a terrible script. But a dark Shazam is actually called Black Adam. heh heh