Man, it' sbeen a long time since I've made a thread. Hokay. I was perusing through my twitter a few months ago, and came across this sweet digimon hybrid that I was reminded of this past week, and I really wanted to try my take on them. They didn't have a name, but I gave a name to my rendition. It is a hybrid between Renamon and Impmon. She is smol, and sassy; just how I like them. ;D Hopefully you find appeal in her like I do.

[Image: renimpmon.png]

That was quickly followed by this one, a more teasy pose, with a cewrtain fave of most beneath her. :p

[Image: renimpmon02.png]
There was also a couple of followups, but I think the fourth picture I did works better as the third in the set, so I'll arrange them in that way.

[Image: renimpmon04.png]

And the third in the set:

[Image: renimpmon03.png]
That's cool. Interesting idea. Nice to see you around.
And the last two of that set~

[Image: 1538789959.furball_renimpmon05.png]

[Image: 1538791059.furball_renimpmon06.png]
Nice to see you again. ...I think of picture is broke.