Digimon Tri ending = New X-Files ending
If you watched the new X-Files TV series (11 episodes), you would understand why I said Digimon Tri ending was similar.

I agreed with someone who said "Actually Digimon Tri's story can be done in a one-hour movie, but the producers pro-long (make the movie longer) the movie and yet could not finish after 6 episodes".

This problem happens to The Flash. The Thinker (bad guy) has a plan, but we only knows his plan in last 3 episodes (out of 24 episodes), the remaining episodes are useless fillers. The good guys could not defeat The Thinker for the 22 episodes, suddenly in the finale (episode 23), they defeated the thinker in less than 30 minutes.

In Digimon Tri episode 6, there were so many flaws and so many mysteries which still remain unsolved. Producer! You call this season finale?

The finale battle was too dark to see clearly, I just saw Omnimon, the bad guy and...laser beams. All Digimon were attacking, were they attacking the bad guy? I only saw Omnimon attacking.

When Gatomon joined the fight, I was expecting more fighting but...

They gave their powers to Omnimon and let Omnimon fought alone!

This reminds me of the first or second movie, they evolved to Mega and yet they refused to fight together, but instead they relied on 1 Digimon!

This also reminds me of Power Rangers/Super Sentai series, where Red Ranger is always the strongest, and is always the only ranger who can kill the Boss. Six rangers (Digimon) could not kill the Boss but one Red Ranger (Omnimon) could. Haha!

The ending was similar to Avengers Infinity War but luckily we have Avengers 4 next year to solve all mysteries. Are we going to have another Digimon movie to solve all mysteries?

The characteristics of each character (characters, not Digimon) are WRONG! WRONG comparing to Digimon season 1 and 2.

Finally, I am very sure that Digimon Tri is a separate movie which is not related to the Digimon TV series.

Digimon Tri first episode was very good, second episode began to...sucks. And then the movie focus on new character and Digimon too much, at the same time released more mysteries which became cliffhanger in episode 6.
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Huh... We still don't know if they won't do a 02 version of Tri.
Talking about 02, they did show 02 kids (Cody and etc) but suddenly decided did not want to use them  Agu
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Did you really want to use them when there's not many episodes left?