AoS season 6 (SPOILER!!!!!!!!!)
Thanos snapped his fingers, Earth gone...mostly.

AoS (Agent of Shields) season 6 is confirmed.

How can they possibly do that? 

Unless between the snap and Avengers 4 a year or at least several months have elapsed, then you can't really set an entire season that takes place during that time. 

If it is only a relatively short time that Avengers 4 is occurring after Infinity War, possibly even within the next few days or even hours, then what kind of season 6 for AOS can there be?

With AOS, the season usually takes place as if it's set over months. I don't see them pulling a How I Met Your Mother season 9 and setting nearly the entire thing over the course of a weekend. 

Otherwise how many stories can you really have for AOS season 6 if it's in a short time span?

It's difficult to set anything between Infinity War and Avengers 4. And it's also difficult to set anything after because that will immediately raise the question about what happened to restore the universe and how Thanos was defeated.

And you can't really set AOS before season 5 either, because they were kidnapped immediately after season 4, so when is there any space of time?

And they're unlikely to set it between season 1, 2 or 3 because that would be undoing all the development they've given the cast.

Daisy would go back to being Skye. Or Ward may go back to being undiscovered as Hydra. FitzSimmons would not even have admitted their feelings.

They're kind of screwed.

Some episodes referred to the movies (example Thor 1), but mostly not, why? They would refer only when ratings dropped.  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

AOS would have been smart not referencing it (Avengers 3). That's why the talk about next season being between Avengers 3 and 4 if there's a five year gap between the films gives me genuine concern (Why Thanos did not destroy the whole universe after 5 years?). I don't think that's necessarily the greatest idea. If next season is in between and then the movies hit a giant reset button that resets everything to the middle of Avengers 3, erasing the fingersnap (Thanos snapped his fingers) and all that, where does that leave the show? How would they address that without erasing an entire season?

I think AOS season 6 will just ignore Avengers 3 and pretend Thanos does not exist.  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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We'll have to see if they're even another season to start with.
If Coulson is still alive (the blue blood problems), then still got chances.

But if Coulson dies (again), no ppl wants to watch anymore.

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Maybe, maybe not.