After 10 years, we get this
10 years to build up Infinity War and it is worth the wait.

DC, it is still not too late to build up new Justice League.

Don't understand why some people complained Infinity War has no ending.

Remember, this is part 1! If there is an ending, we don't need part 2 anymore (next year)!!!

Marvel tricked me in the post credit scene. OMG! No wonder there is no solo movie for this hero!!! Now I have to re-watch old Ant Man movie.

Ok, Marvel, good job! Next year (new Avengers has no title yet) you have a lot of explanations to make.

Actually in the last scene of Batman vs Superman, DC could use this method to bring back Superman (someone standing in front of the Superman's cemetery, he/she would somehow resurrect Superman). This is much better than Superman's hand suddenly raised up from the grave!!! (DC, this is NOT a scary movie!!!)

After Infinity War, Marvel officially enters Phase 4, grats!!!

Thanos is the best male villain in MCU!!! Hela is the best female villain in MCU!!!

DC has lots of worse villain, Steppenwolf and Lex Luthor are two of them!!!

We actually saw the power of Thanos, as powerful as the Gods in Dragon Ball. But Steppenwolf is...nothing, Superman can kill him in less than 1 minute.
[Image: Renamon2.jpg]
Which gods in DBZ. But glad you actually liked it.
Dragon Ball: Super (direct translated from Chinese comic name). After 1st round of battle, contestant from Planet 9 lost. One of the God snapped his finger, immediately Planet 9 disappear, as well as all contestant. (Planet 9 does not exist anymore)

Yes, Thanos is as powerful as that God.

Hela was also powerful but her weakness was Planet Asgard. No Asgard = no power. But Thanos showed no weaknesses. (we'll find out his weaknesses next year)

Now I know why Hawkeye and Antman were not in the movie.  Agu

However, this movie was not as good as Thor: Ragnarok and Guardians 1.
[Image: Renamon2.jpg]
Thanos may need his fully powered glove to do that though. He can be beat. Squirrel Girl did it once. He's also very petty. He harassed a guy on his birthday every year. Check the 2018 annual #1.
Squirrel Girl barely counts since she is this ridiculous joke character.

Thanos can be beat but it takes a lot to do so. They actually almost did beat him but certain information distracted the heroes.

Saw the movie btw and it was awesome. I hope to see it again.
Well I'm glad you liked it. But hey, she counts as a character.