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All dies in Infinity War?
If Marvel follows the comic, then all heroes (more than 30 heroes) die in Infinity War, BUT somehow got resurrected (by Captain Marvel?)

That's why it has 2 parts: (Part 1) Thanos wins, all heroes die. (Part 2) Heroes fight back, Thanos dies.

From the trailer, Vision is going to die. (He can't survive without the stone on his forehead)

Who healed Thor's eye???

Anyway, I think it will be more interesting than Justice League. Since it already had a strong foundation (we are familiar with all characters), it can start fighting from the beginning to the end (we also knew who Thanos is).

Moreover, it has 2 parts to fill the blank (new characters?).

Hopefully DC go and watch this movie.  Agu
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I'd say this would be the perfect chance to replace anyone who wants out. They die, maybe Reality Gem, and there you go. But again, DC does TV(Netflix doesn't count) while Marvel does movies.
Sadly Adam Warlock not in Infinity War, have to wait for Guardian 3 to see Adam vs Guardians.
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He was also in the Guardians cartoon.
Thor doesn't necessarily heal his eye.... but he does get a new eye.
...I see. Thank you.
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That's the joke.
That is so funny! 

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