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Greetings Digimon fans. I've returned as a long time fan of the show from Adventures to Frontier and beyond. My favorite season would have to be Tamers just for the deep emotional impact it has. From when Guilmon fell on Takato to when Beelzemon killed Leomon. My number one all time favorite moment though belongs to Frontier. When Beowulfmon was fighting with Velgemon during the fight there was a flashback revealing who Duskmon really was. During that flashback a very unique song played "Darkness in my Heart". It was a very powerful moment in the show!

I'd also like to ad that this site doesn't seem to like the Avatars I try to use. I crop them down to 100 x 100 pixels and says the file is still invalid.
Rena I don't remember posing for all these pictures! All you perverts are going to pay!Rena
You look like a fun person. It's interesting that they made a fully new song compared to Kouichi's theme in that scene in the original. Not sure about the avatars though.
Your avatar issue is probably a problem with the server setup at the moment. Just upload it to and link it from there.
I knew he admin would help. I'm just the Super Mod that's always here.