Marvel wins again
Black Panther is 100% much better than Justice League.

I repeat, foundation is very important. Marvel built a good foundation and so you would not feel confusing.
The movie continues from Civil War.

In Justice League, there was no foundation, where did the bad guy come from? Why mother box starts awaken now? Blah...blah..
Whole movie is very confusing.

Who said Marvel movies were not serious?

Marvel could produce both comedy and serious movies. But even if it is a serious movie, you won't feel boring (Civil War).
Even if it is a comedy movie, you won't feel childish (Guardians, Ragnarok).

DC movies were too serious (over serious) until you felt boring (Superman vs Batman). 
However, when DC tried to insert comedy into the movie (Justice League), DC failed, failed, failed.
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I keep saying, DC does better TV while Marvel does better movies, Netflix not counting
Black Panther was fuckin awesome. Leave it to Marvel Studios to make a better movie about a character I never really picked up a comic for, than DC's movie featuring possibly the most popular characters ever.
See. Marvel does better movies.