If you haven't noticed, there's a big Discord invite link at the top right of the page! The forums are pretty slow but the DigiArtist's Domain's Discord is getting more and more popular every day. Join us and post/discuss/create Digimon smut!

New to Discord? You don't need the phone app or desktop app if you don't want them, you can run it right in your browser; I have it as a pinned tab so it's always open. Using it is pretty easy. Servers you join appear as icons on the left sidebar. Each server is divided into #channels like IRC. Discord has much more features though, like voicechat, image previews, and a much better interface than any IRC client. Every server/channel/mention notification is each individually configurable so you can only get notified of what you want.

Now get in here. Or else.

Nice to see this. Bit surprised someone other then me said something. heh heh
hey can I join the discord
(04-26-2018 08:55 AM)destiedyaoiboy Wrote: hey can I join the discord

You were banned from the discord for harassing users who repeatedly asked you to stop. So no.
Will try
Just joined but don't know how to use the darn thing and keeps bugging me to install an app.
Still here even if the site and the forum are kind of dead!
Yeah. That's Discord. You have to use that.
Don't have to use the app on PC. Works just fine from the web browser. I pin the tab so it's always open (both firefox and chrome have this feature).