Hi, digifamily!
Greetings from Spain! I'm Yogur, and I grew up with Digimon when it came out.

I have a special relationship with this series, in fact it came when I was around 6 and I had three obssesions: monsters fights (Godzilla, Dinosaurs...), virtual pets, and informatic.
A series that have it all fused?? Damn, I fell in love with Digimon in the very first moment.

I have a small collections of stuff since then, from the original V-Pet to digivices, cards, plushies, figures, my beloved cup for breakfast, a summer pajamas (which I can still use since I didn't grow up too much phyisically lmao), Music CDs, a japanese doujin (more in the way) and comic books and all. I've also been drawing Digimon since I was a kid, nowadays I do it too for fun o for money as well, alongside my professional work. I always loved to draw monsters and so because they can look really organic even if they have a cartoon appearance.  
I also draw naughty or NSFW digimon pictures and I published several digimon fanzines/doujins of my own and sold them!

My favourite lines are mostly the dragon ones (Veedramon being my top fav) but I can say I love them all, thougth. I'm mostly into pairing Male Digimons with Female Humans, but I can pair anyone despite of their gender as well. I hope I can make some pals here and be on board some time as well. Glad to meet you all! Thanks to admin Jaser for inviting me  Hawk
Welcome aboard! Love your art. Hope I get to read all your fanzines someday.

I also grew up with Digimon. It's the best fandom.

As you've noticed the Discord is pretty active but the forum isn't. That's the way the cookie crumbles I guess, but there's a lot of history here and old members still pop in sometimes.
For some reason I am always here. I'm sure I've forgot why. Anyway, Nice to see you. i'd look at your art but Tumblr has the safe lock on it. And I don't know if I'll ever make a name just to see those. Anyway, welcome.
Personally I use a browser extension called BitWarden that saves my logins, and just make a login everywhere. But anyway there's some on e621: https://e621.net/post/index/1/yogurpodrido
Thank you. I have a name there.
hey I have a special relationship with the series too

I always wanted to kiss the digi destined