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I don't want this Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) has escaped prison and left a decoy in his cell. On his yacht, he is visited by Slade Wilson/Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello). Lex proposes an idea to Slade that they come up with their own little team (the Legion of Doom)

Superman vs Batman really is not related to Justice League at all.

In the end of S vs B, Lex Luthor is inside the prison. Now you tell me he is on his yacht? 

Do I need to watch Escape of Alcatraz in order to find out how he left a decoy in his cell?

No, this is NOT the correct Lex Luthor. Zack had destroyed all characters in Man of Steel and S v B, except Wonder Woman.

The correct Lex Luthor was from Superman 2 (80's) and Superman Returns. Or from the JL animation series (serious, smart, cunning).

Forming JL was a failure attempt. Now you want to form Legion of Doom? (may be in JL 2, suddenly Lex returns with a bunch of bad guys. Battle begins, JL won again. In the end, we don't know the background story of the bad guys)

WB, please calm down, don't try to overtake Marvel anymore. Admit it, Marvel has won the race. Now you must re-think your DCEU plans. You must also admit that Marvel's formula is the best - introduce each hero/heroine first before you jump into the super heroes movie.
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Luthor is a hard character to get right sometimes. But they really did need to do everyone's movie first the the JL movie. You do those, have the villain in each then they show up in JL 1 or 2 as the LoD.
That's what all DC fans asking WB to do now: introduce almost all characters first before jumping into the DCEU era.

If not, please introduce the new characters in a proper way. A bad example: dark Superman (Man of Steel), I don't like this new Superman (poker face all the time), I prefer the 80's Superman. This new Superman killed an enemy but never mentioned in S vs B (he should still feel guilty and Lois helped to comfort him)

Zack, Superman is NOT Batman. Batman Begins succeed because Batman is a hero in the dark. But Superman is a hero in the light.

I found that Marvel is good at introducing new characters. For example, I don't know Dr Strange before I watch the movie. I liked the character and enjoyed the movie after the show ended.

I didn't know Hawkeye and Black Widow (both don't have solo movies) but I still could enjoy Avengers.
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I've said that often. Superman is the day. The guy you wish you could be. He is what the country should be. Figures he grew up in Kansas. Batman is the night. He does thing in the shadows while Superman does things where everyone can see them.
Pokemon movie (Dec 7 in my country) was very good, 100000% much better than Pokemon Sun and Moon cartoon.

Waiting for Digimon Tri 6.

Now I know why they killed Superman in S vs B.

If Superman was not dead, JL will end in ten minutes:
1) Steppenwolf appeared.

2) Superman defeated him in less than 5 minutes.

3) Movie ends.

They killed Superman in S vs B purposely so that everyone has something useless to do:
1) Louis and Martha talking nonsense.

2) Batman kept blaming himself.

3) Wonder Woman showed off rescuing hostages.

So, why do we need a league when Superman alone can defeat Steppenwolf?

Unlike Avengers, even Hulk or Thor was unable to defeat all enemies alone. That's why they needed a team, they must fight together.

I saw the teamwork in Avengers but NOT in JL (Superman was OP).
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I disagree with that first thing.

Superman needs people because no one can do it on their own.

It's probably all a writing issue.