Crisis on Earth X
The crossover "Crisis on Earth X" was MUCH better than Justice League.

The animation "Justice League: War" was also MUCH better than Justice League.

I was waiting for Oliver (Green leader) or Barry (Red leader) to yell "It's Morphin time!" when they were all standing side-by-side against the Earth-X soldiers.

Sadly, final part (Part 4) was rushed. Can't blame them, they must conclude everything in less than 50 minutes (including 10 minutes for the wedding and 10 minutes for the death of...)

The final battle was rushed.
Green Arrow vs Dark Arrow <---- can't see them fighting properly, they were like dancing to me.
Flash vs Reverse Flash <---- sigh, Flash just let RF go. I was expecting to see Flash killed RF.
Supergirl vs General Supergirl <--- more actions but a little bit too fast, should have bullet time like Flash vs RF.

Yes, it has flaws. But overall was MUCH better than Justice League.

Where were the other super heroes??? (Superman? Martian Manhunter? They belongs to Supergirl series) 
Ok, Batman and his friends does NOT belong to this Universe. Haha.

Thank you DC for such great crossover.
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I liked it. But you fight yourself, you tend to "dance" because you know what you'll do. And the Flash doesn't kill. That's the Green Arrow. So that's why Reverse isn't dead again yet. Plus "Overgirl" was going to die so she probably could do much. Meanwhile the DCW shows had a few characters that didn't team with them. Sad but oh well, maybe next time.
If Superman teamed with them, they'll win in less than 1 minute. Unless this was NOT the Superman from Justice League (whom was over-powerful and punched Stepenwolf like a sandbag). lol

Next Time, may be Dark Zoom vs The Flash? Or Savitor (wrong spelling?)?

I liked the new enemy now - The Thinker. He is watching Barry 24/7 - including the toilets?

Previously, the enemies were brutal but The Thinker was smart and you must out-smart him in order to defeat him.

This is why Justice League failed.
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Superman from Supergirl. We already did Savitar. I'm not sure he'll be back. Creepy. But at least it's not a speed based villain again.