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Superman dies = end of the world?
I saw this comment from other sites:

I don't get how Superman's death has left world without hope. BvS portrayed him as a largely feared and disliked figure. And he hadn't been around enough years to become truely loved by the world or the world to have become used to him. It was one of my issues with BvS. They hadn't earned Superman's heroic death.

I really agreed with him/her.

Why is Superman so important to the world? Why the world lost hope when he dies? Directors/Producers, please explain.

When I watched the cartoon Doomsday vs Superman, Superman really earned heroic death. The world did mourn for him.

But in BvS, the world suddenly felt sad for the lost of Superman. What made them changed their attitude so fast (within 2 hours)?

This also happened in Suicide Squade (worse movie of year 2016).

I also agreed with this comment: WB panicked because Marvel is far ahead of them.

Yeah they panicked and rushed it to get to this movie too quick.

What was required was a man of steel 2 which starts with superman and the world unsure of each other and then ends with him being seen in the same light as the Christopher Reeve superman.

Then have a standalone batman which starts with him with the no kill rule but he becomes broken and twisted by the end of the film. This would then set batman and superman at polar opposites and set up an intriguing BvS

There are many mysteries in BvS which were still unanswered, such as dark Superman, Flash in Batman's dream and etc. Zack stressed that BvS was directly linked to JL but now it was not. To me, BvS was just a stepping stone (they did not know how to make a superheroes movie, so they tried to squeeze in 3 heroes for testing purpose), they observed the mistakes but sadly made the same mistakes in JL (hire same director Zack, worse scrip writing).

Moreover, they should make standalone movies first (Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg, Man Hunter, Green Arrow and etc.) before they make Justice League.

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Movies aren't as good as other media. At least with DC. But they could be if they tried. They're not great, they leave a lot out but they could be much worse.
I don't know why almost each DC movie treated Superman as God.

In Suicide Squad, Batman and the government panicked when Superman dies. And the citizens looked like the end of the world was coming.

Michael Bay, please stay away from Transformers. Zack, please stay away from DC movies.

WB, please don't pressure DC anymore. You lost, period. If you want to win again, please don't rush your movies.

Please let those who are really familiar with DC movies make the movies.

The main characters of Justice League are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman. The most famous were Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl. Sadly these characters were not in JL.

According to Flash TV series, Flash (Barry Allan) is the founder of Justice League, not Batman.
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TV series is different. Also, Superman is god like. That's part of the point.
A god not many people liked and many feared. That's the problem. The people (based on what little we saw in the movies) should be relieved Superman is dead, not losing hope. The DCCU is a mess. Just kill it now and give the reigns over to someone that knows how to make movies.
A lot of people have said things like that.
After the failure of Justice League, WB must re-think about their DCEU.

This is the first time where Zack is NOT to be blamed.

The failure was due to poor cutting and two different style of Directors. You can't insert jokes into Zack's movies.
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Eh. DC and many others don't seem to know how to do a superhero movie.