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Pls lower your standard before you watch JL
Thor Ragnarok is much better than Justice League (JL), no doubt.

Similar to Transformers 5, JL only cares about actions, but no character developments.

You want actions? A lot of CGI? JL and Transformers 5 are for you. CLANK CLANK ARGH ARGH the end, don't know and don't care the purpose of the enemies.

There are many plot holes, the CGI is not so good compared to Ragnarok.
Yes, both movies are overloaded with CGI but the CGI in JL is not that good and I did not enjoy it, but I enjoyed Ragnarok.

When fighting begins in Ragnarok, I feel very high, especially the last part when Thor transformed into a real Thunder God and began to fight on the bridge.

The fighting scenes in Ragnarok was not confusing, you could tell who was fighting with what and their actions.

I must say background music is very important, not just jokes only.

Why Kingsman was good? Because of the background music. Guardians of The Galaxy 1 rocks. Now Ragnarok followed GoTG 1 style but with modern musics.

Fighting scenes in JL were not that good. I did not feel high even during the last battle.

Where did this Flash come from? I mean, he said that he NEVER fight crime before.
OMG! In Flash TV series, he fights with meta human every week, now you tell me you NEVER fight crime before?

Similar to Ragnarok, some scenes from the trailer were deleted.

Zack, please leave JL 2 alone.
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For example:

A group of terrorist entered the bank to set up bombs.

C'mon! You are terrorist! NOT robbers!

As a terrorist, you SHOULD and MUST set up a bomb secretly. For example, inside a car which was parking at the roadside!

And why the hell you chose a bank????? If you wanted to bomb more people, then go a hospital!

These are the dumbest terrorists I have never seen in my lifetime. Walked into a bank, took hostages, told them their plans and then waited for the cops to arrest them. 

Even if you succeed planting bombs inside the bank, how were you going to get out? Cops were already waiting for you at outside!
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Nice to see you're still happy and reviewing movies. But remember, the movies and TV are different.
The problem with DC is:

They made heroes movies first, then they made solo hero movie.

Later, when we watch the solo hero movies, we would feel confuse. Moreover, we already knew that the hero would not die (if he dies, how can he appear in JL).

You want to know The Flash and Aquaman? Wait for 2018 solo movies. However, in the solo movies, they did not (and would not) link directly to this JL movie.
Wonder Woman 2 is on the way but is it connected to this JL? 

This is because they did not have a BIG plan. That's why each movie is inconsistent or not connected.

Marvel has a BIG plan. For example, Ant Man ester egg told us why Ant Man joined Captain.
Dr Strange ester egg showed us the opening of Thor Ragnarok (I don't drink tea, lol).
Thor Ragnarok ester egg showed us the opening of Avenger Infinity War (Thor vs Thanos).

What did DC movie's ester egg showed us? Nothing.

In the end of Superman vs Batman, we saw a hand raised from the tomb. 
But in  JL, nothing at all. Clark still sleeping inside the coffin. The movie did not mention about the hand.
This is called inconsistent or not connected.

In Dark Knight Rises, Batman dies (the plane exploded, and yet they could pull out a complete plane from the sea).
But in Superman vs Batman, he is alive and the movie did not mention about his death in Dark Knight Rises.

For those who did not watch The Flash TV series, they complained The Flash in JL was like a joker and they did not like him. 

Honestly, I preferred The Flash from the TV series. The new costume was much better.

They replaced Green Lantern with Aquaman, they must be JOKING!
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...Yeah. Because of the terrible writing of the first, they're not making another GL movie for a few years, I forget when. Also I hate CN for canceling the cartoon that came from that movie. But that's not important.

Steppenwolf almost killed Cyborg.

Superman suddenly appeared from out of nowhere.

Superman punched Steppenwolf like a sandbag.

Batman: Superman, wait! This movie is 2 hours long. Now is only 1 hour 30 minutes, so you can't kill him yet.

Wonder Woman: Batman is right. Moreover, you must not kill him. Last time, when you killed Zord, many fans hated you.

Superman: So, what should I do now?

Aquaman: I suggest you go out and help the Flash to save people. Remember, do it slowly.

Batman: And then come back again to punch him.

Superman left the team and flew out to help the Flash.

10 minutes later, Superman returned.

Superman: It's almost 2 hours, can I defeat him now?

The team nodded.

Suddenly, Steppenwolf was nerfed.

Superman defeated Steppenwolf in less than 1 minute.

2 hours sharp, enemy dies, battle ends.

The End.

Similar to Optimus Prime in Transformer 5.
Superman appeared less than 20 minutes, and only fought for 10 minutes.
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It's hard to get good writers sometimes. Then the execs might get in and mess things up. It's all a bit annoying.