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Super Saiyan Thor
Once again, Marvel did not let us down. If this is a DC movie, I am sure that we won't know why Thor would fight with Hulk, DC won't explain to us.

So, the secret of his hammer was revealed, that's good.

And so, now he can't fly anymore?

What is the meaning of the ending?

I missed his hammer.

Good movie, sad and dark but not boring (compared to Superman vs Batman).

Justice League is coming, cross your fingers. The trailer did not look good, same as Superman vs Batman and Man of Steel, only CGI and loud noises.

I am not a Director or Producer but I still know that too much CGI is not a good thing.

Moreover, the CGI in DC movies are not as good as Marvel.
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As I say, Marvel makes good movies, DC makes good TV. Netflix does not count.
This! is! GOD OF THUNDER!!!

Now I understood the meaning of the ending, it IS directly connected to the Infinity Wars.

The Infinity Wars trailer tells us what happen next.

Something is wrong with the Infinity Wars trailer:

Why Thor have two eyes????? (Who healed him?)
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We'll have to wait to see who did.