Luckily Sony did not ask DC
Luckily Sony did not ask DC to make Spiderman.

If Zack Snyder made this Spiderman:
1) He will surely show us how his uncle dies (referring Clark's father).

2) He will surely use 1 hour to tell us Peter's background (how Clark discovered his spaceship).

3) He will surely show us Spiderman vs Iron Man for 5 minutes, and then ends suddenly.

4) He will surely show us a lot of Avengers: Infinity Wars trailers (you will see Quicksilver rushed into Spiderman's dream, or Banner (Hulk) visited Stark).

5) We will surely have an enemy with no motives (I wanted to do bad things because I am bad).

6) Spiderman vs Iron Man, suddenly Wisp came to stop them (just like Wonder Woman in S vs B, this tells the audience to watch out for the Wisp movie).

7) In the end, Spiderman dies, and then somehow resurrected.

Luckily this movie is made by Marvel.  Big Grin

Two things bad about this movie:
The enemy is too weak. (compared to Octopus and Venom)

Why fought at night time, damn.

Next time, MUST ask Tony Stark to design The Saban Power Ranger's suit.  Shout
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Like I always say, Marvel does better movies. That's all.