Digimoji Smilies and Gifs!
Checking more stuff off the to-do list!

An awesome artist by the name of Weremagnus has provided some awesome Digimoji Telegram stickers which I have adapted to use on our forum!
Agu Gabu Pata Gato Vee Shout Hawk 
I asked her if people were allowed to use them on forums and other platforms and she said yes Gazi
You can find Weremagnus on her website: magnusink.ca
Or on Tumblr: weremagnus.tumblr.com
Or Twitter: twitter.com/weremagnus
And you can even support her by buying from her shop on Redbubble! redbubble.com/people/weremagnus/shop
If you use Telegram be sure to grab the original Digimoji pack: weremagnus.tumblr.com/post/141818272974/

If you click the "get more" link under the smilies and then scroll down you'll see I also added a bunch of reaction gifs?!

Those are nice. Kind of wish we had them years ago. But still, very nice.