Important! Forum Rules
It's about time I check this off the to-do list.

The Rules

By using our forum you agree to these rules. There is no excuse for not knowing the rules.

General Rules

  • Be Lawful. The DaD is hosted and run in the United States and all laws applying therein should be adhered to.
  • Be Truthful. Don't lie or mislead. Don't impersonate others. Don't steal artwork.
  • Be Courteous. Generally respect your fellow forum-goers; avoid heated arguments and don't go on witch-hunts. Do not bully anyone. Respect artists by providing a source when you are able to. Be aware that other sites might not like you using their bandwidth by hotlinking images. Don't reveal personal details of others. Don't post something most people would find disgusting without an appropriate warning.
  • Don't be Annoying. Do not spam. Do not harass people. Avoid double posting unless necessary. Avoid reviving old topics unless you have a reason to. Try not to post really short posts like "hi" as this is not an instant messenger. Keep your threads in the relevant sections and at least loosely stay on-topic within threads. (Spam is allowed in certain areas as noted.)
US Laws

You must be 18 years or older to view adult content in the United States.

So that we are clear: Real pictures of minors in sexual situations or context is not allowed; artistic depictions are. Same with rape and abuse. Do not support those things in real life either. Be aware of pornographic laws in your own jurisdiction such as, in some cases, possession of photos of bestiality being illegal. Be aware of other restrictions such as how online raffles are not legal. These laws even apply to private messages.

Piracy is a bit of a grey area. As long as you are being respectful to the content creators we will allow mild discussion involving piracy and linking to related websites. Be respectful by, for instance, providing a link to where the content can be purchased.

Reviving Old Topics

You should avoid reviving topics older than ~3 months unless you have a good reason for doing so.

Good reasons include: Asking an artist or author if they continued their work, or reviving your own artwork/lemon thread with more content.
Bad reasons include: "can I be in the story" or just "yeah that's a good idea"

Good reasons include: Reviving a discussion about a series in order to provide your own review or talk about new content. This is better than creating a whole new topic on the same series.
Bad: "i didn't like it" or "that sounds fun"

Good reasons include: "I see the members of this role play are still around, are you guys up for continuing?"
Bad: "hey can I join"


The administrators and moderators do monitor everything that goes on. Once someone violates a rule we will let them know of the rule they violated and ask them to not do it again. Listen to us. I would much rather reform troublemakers into valuable members of the community than ban them. However, if the situation calls for it we will suspend or ban your account. If you break a major law we will rain the full force of the hammer of god upon you.

If you feel a staff member has made an error or overstepped their power please let me know politely. I will either let them know what they did wrong or let you know why what they did was right.

Please report anything the staff may have missed. Especially anything in a private message to you. That said don't try to police other forum members yourself. If it is obvious that staff did see what you're thinking of reporting then maybe you shouldn't report it.

Other Guidelines

These aren't rules per se, just guidelines for you to follow in general. The staff may act if there are any significant problems in these areas.
  • We recommend smaller signatures rather than larger ones. Very large signatures drive people to just turn off all signatures in their settings.
  • This is primarily an English speaking forum. We aren't banning other languages but we don't recommend using them. This, uh, includes "chat speak" and "l33t".
  • Make sure your thread title adequately describes what the thread is about.
  • Advertising is discouraged but in small amounts can be ok.
  • Use proper grammar!
  • Have fun!
Thank you for one of those. Some of those topic revives were a bit crazy. I kind of stopped deleting the posts. ...There was a lot.
i accept the rules
(06-08-2017 02:57 AM)destiedyaoiboy Wrote: i accept the rules

If you accept the rules then why did you revive several topics just a little bit ago? Please re-read the "Reviving Old Topics" section of the rules. I have now changed your account settings so that if you try to post in a topic older than three months your post will enter the moderator queue so it won't show up until a mod approves it.
Thank you. I don't name names but this is who I was talking about.
Interesting to see other mods besides good ol UnknownH.
Other mods have lives. ...And this site hasn't gone down yet so I'm still here.
I accept the rules. And I won't try to revive another topic either
I accept now that I read them
With luck
Don't make me turn my back to you
Quote:because I will take your soul